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In Uganda, and most areas throughout Africa, women and children walk many miles every day to collect water that for us comes so easily through our spigots.  They carry brightly colored "jerry cans" which can weigh up to 46lb when full. They will often have to make these trips several times a day – taking anywhere from 2-9 hours…per day… just to get enough water to meet their minimal daily needs… essential everyday things like drinking, bathing, cooking and caring for their livestock. And then if they have a little left over they will use in their gardens.

You can imagine that collecting water not only cuts into the productivity of other work that needs to be done, like farming (to eat and live!) and school, but it can also be dangerous as young girls and vulnerable women find themselves collecting water in the early morning dark hours and into the evening. Assaults and even kidnappings are widespread, life-threatening challenges that people in the village face often.

One City Ministries has developed a practical solution: the WaterCart. Produced from heavy-duty steel, and built for the rough terrain of the African village roads and trails, each WaterCart carries two jerry cans, (nearly 100 pounds full!) and its durable wheels and precision balance allow for easy and effortless transport. Each WaterCart has been scrutinized and evaluated over the last 12 months by the very people using them daily.  Not only are they raving about them, everyone they pass on the way to the waterhole are also excited and now inquiring about them. We have 30 in the field that are performing perfectly, staying strong and are making a difference in the lives of many of our people. They tell us that, “life for us is now so much more productive.”

But we need hundreds – thousands!

Right now we have 400 women and young girls waiting for their very own water cart. They are attending classes on good farming practices, economics of farming, health and hygiene, nutrition and safe water and food sources, earning the points they need to secure a WaterCart. (as well as a very valuable education!) One City doesn't believe in a hand out, but rather a hand up. We have been on the ground in the Mbale area of Uganda for over 9 years, and believe in establishing relationship with the community to solve problems. And it’s working!

Your help TODAY makes a difference in the lives of real people! Your gifts to the WaterCart campaign will enable us to deliver a WaterCart to FOUR HUNDRED families creating an immediate impact…more water in less time, allowing the additional hours in the day to be spent on education, working in gardens, food preparation, taking care of children – as well as all the health and hygiene benefits!

Thank you for your help in allowing us to continue making giant strides in ending poverty!

Thank you!

Mike and Deb Gilbert, Founders, One City Ministries

OCM is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Your contributions are 100% tax deductible.