Africa TrAIDSustainable Economic Development

It’s planting season throughout Uganda; simply, this is the time that will allow the people to eat or starve during the harvest season. As we drive from village to village, we see women with babies tied to their backs, some men, and lots of children, some quite young, out in the fields with their hoes and machetes…all the farming tools they have.

Last seasons crops were not so good, and now the food has run out, and their harvest is gone leaving many nothing to sell.

One of our challenges has been creating a healthy economic environment and practical training to empower our people with marketable skills. And believe us when we say, Manafwa sub-county has a lot of skill!

We will be laden with beautiful, brilliant African art and handcrafts made by these very special people when we arrive in Tampa in just a couple of months. And there are plenty of stories to go along with them.

We have interviewed hundreds of the local villagers … heard their stories, listened for their passion to be empowered to change their lives, and drew out some magnificent artistic abilities. You will be amazed at the results!

The artists have been paid for their product and are learning to be a good steward of their earnings. The profits from this project will all go back into their village funding the medical clinic, the women’s clinic, an artisan workshop and vocational school…and as many other projects as we are able to fund.

If you want some beautiful, affordable and fun original African art and products, without traveling 9000 miles to buy it, we promise to make it easy for you to indulge…at the same time assisting people in Manafwa to stand on their own two feet!