Africa TrAID.
Fair rates to Ugandan artisans.


An OCM economic development program called Africa TrAID pays Ugandan, Kenyan and Tanzanian artisans fair rates for handmade items which are sold through OCM’s website, seasonal markets and various retail locations. These wages have paid for homes, medical care, new businesses, and training for Africans – some of whom are touching money for the first time. This is one of One City’s pilot programs and has been a massive success as we consistently partner with about 300 artisans.  The artists will come to One City with an idea or a prototype of their craft and will work with One City to create a marketable item that gets sold in the United States!

This program has been a way for people from all walks of life can earn a living, including disabled artists, mothers with many children, and young people alike! Africa TrAID continues to produce beautiful pieces of work that are crafted with sustainable material and pays the artist above average wages for Africa!  A central aspect of the program is that resources and training is being provided – not handouts.