Sibanga Clinic


Six months ago, if you were one of the 10,000 villagers residing in Sibanga or Nangalwe and you came down with malaria, or any other illness, your options were not so great for health care.
A structure made from sun-dried bricks, a mud floor and dreary, gray crumbling walls greeted the patients that were able to make their way to the clinic. There were no beds; people brought their own grass mats. Nurse Irene’s stock of medicine and supplies was less than most all of us have in our home medicine cabinets.

Thanks to so many of you, this little clinic now has beds equipped with IV poles and mosquito nets; much needed medications and medical supplies have been stocked. Lives are being saved. And equally important, the people are learning ways to prevent malaria and other preventable diseases that have been killing them needlessly.

This child now lives. What a joy it is to walk into that clinic when we visit the area and see folks being taken care of; to have the opportunity to pray with the concerned mothers, to hold a sick baby.
The walls are painted, the floor is concrete, and MOST exciting is the construction of a latrine being built on our next trip there next week! Imagine being so ill and not having a latrine to use.

There is still much to be done in this village. We believe a women’s clinic is a project that is desperately needed. There is not a place for expectant mothers to go for any kind of prenatal care … there is not a sanitary place to go to deliver a baby. I don’t know about all of you, but I was a pretty big baby when it came to labor and delivery. Walking 10 or 15 miles while in labor seems an impossible task. Sometimes the pastor is able to give expectant moms in labor a ride over the crater covered dirt roads on his motorcycle. Imagine being in labor and bumping along the roads here.

Greater things are yet to come
For now, though, join us in giving yourselves a big round of applause for all you’ve accomplished in Manafwa. We are so grateful…and so are the people here who feel your love and support in tangible ways.