One City exists to empower Ugandans physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Using sustainable economic development practices. We attack the deeply rooted causes of systemic poverty.  Since 2008, we have witnessed, first hand, many of the underlying, overlooked, and even ignored factors that feed the vicious cycle of generational poverty throughout Uganda.  All of One City’s programs are founded on this unique understanding and focused on enabling families to break these life-threatening patterns.

At One City, we EMPOWER people by providing education, tools, medical care, agricultural training, and WaterCarts; all we require is that every participant has “skin in the game.”  While what that looks like may be different for every Ugandan; we have learned that this model creates self-esteem and ignites the initiative and sense of ownership required to propel people forward towards true self-reliance.  One City recognizes that this transformation runs counter to current Ugandan cultural norms and understands that lasting change will take generations; however, we take joy in the journey and know that this is where we are called to be!

Our ultimate goal is to take this sustainable village model to other parts of Africa, and eventually, the world. Many of the root causes of poverty are the same regardless of location; if we can create a model that equips people in the poorest regions of Uganda to break the cycle of poverty, we can replicate it globally.