The Light Fuel Project:
A Green Cooking Fuel Alternative


A Critical Problem with Worldwide implications

Unfortunately, many people grossly underestimate the importance trees play in our lives. Trees are rightfully considered to be the very lungs of our planet by purifying the air, producing precious oxygen and absorbing the greenhouse gases causing global warming and climate change. Tragically the current worldwide rate of tree destruction amounts to over 50 million acres annually.

Roughly half of the World’s population (3 billion+ people) currently rely on Biomass, mostly wood, as fuel for heating and cooking. In developing countries, over 80% of the wood consumed is used for fuel to cook their food and sterilize their water… essential practices for survival. Due to the overwhelming demand, we are losing 5,000,000 trees per month in Uganda alone. Many other parts of the world have completely lost their forests and have been turned into arid wastelands with an ever increasing need for foreign aid.

One City’s Fuel Alternative – Light Fuel

Simple, straight forward and applicable in any part of the world, One City’s Light Fuel technology is a tree saving, life enhancing fuel alternative. By combining some old science coupled with good old fashioned creative ingenuity, One City’s Light Fuel was created.

Benefiting the world with:

  •         A fuel that requires no electricity or petroleum to produce.
  •         A fuel that can be produced virtually any place in the world even in hostile environments under primitive conditions.
  •         A fuel that is environmentally friendly preserving forests and conserving wildlife habitat.
  •         A fuel that facilitates the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Benefiting the user with:

  •         A fuel that is less expensive
  •         A fuel that allows for a healthier cooking environment
  •         A fuel that lights easier and burns longer
  •         A fuel that requires no additional equipment to utilize… and because it looks like and burns just like charcoal it has no associated learning curve!

Note: Ease of use and consumer acceptance is a huge challenge when introducing new technologies. Even some very good technological innovations suffer dismal failure when introduced in real-world applications due to the complexities of initiating any form of cultural change. Because One City’s Light fuel looks and burns much the same as charcoal it has received wide acceptance.