Strategically Fighting Poverty

One City Ministries was founded in 2008 to battle the systemically-entrenched poverty that exists in developing countries. This poverty is always accompanied by an interconnected web of oppressive conditions that jeopardize life. Though a few of these countries may be experiencing the beginnings of economic stability, the vast majority of their populations are left behind in an extreme state of vulnerability without opportunity or voice. This must change!

To accomplish its God-sized goals, One City’s founders, Mike and Debbie Gilbert, launched a comprehensive set of coordinated programs to break down the foundations of poverty, replacing them with durable foundations of empowerment and sustainable independence. One City’s unique approach is to holistically address the issues which trap people in poverty. Our programs tackle the problems of nutrition, economics, agricultural practices, social and gender injustices, as well as the spiritual, character, and leadership development of the individual.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with One City’s strategies, philosophies, and accomplishments. After doing so please consider partnering with us in our quest to end poverty and social injustice.