• Water Conservation & Management
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Clean Cooking Practices and Smoke Inhalation Mitigation
  • Agricultural Sciences and Farm Management
  • Health Sciences and Illness Prevention Practices
  • Nutrition and Healthy Mental Development
  • Pastoral and Leadership Skills Development

One City comprehensively covers the full spectrum of poverty-causing catalysts in a holistic approach that works!


One City Ministries was founded in 2008 to battle poverty... systemically-entrenched poverty that entraps over 736 million living in developing countries. This extreme type of poverty is always accompanied by an interconnected web of oppressive conditions that rob capacity and jeopardize life.

Our comprehensive array of programs tackle each of the many conditions that perpetuate poverty at their root. By holistically addressing all the core issues such as poor nutrition, economic challenges, poor agricultural practices, unhealthy sanitation and environmental conditions, access to clean water, social and gender injustices, as well as the spiritual, character, and leadership development, we are experiencing unprecedented success through the empowering growth of the individual.

Will you consider joining us in our campaign to end poverty once and for all?