Save Our Sons. Empowering life change for teens struggling with drugs and alcohol.


The vision of S.O.S. is to provide a safe, profoundly empowering and transformational experience to teens needing to escape the deadly cycle of drugs and alcohol. These vices are only aggravated by peer pressures and a destructive self-image that can only be addressed through a dramatic change in environment and one’s life perspective. The principal foundation of SOS is based on the eternal perspectives.

One City provides an individualized, safe, life changing experience for young adults struggling with today’s tough issues. By taking them away from the familiar and destructive influences in their daily lives, they will be exposed, instead, to a world where life cannot be taken for granted. With the amazing opportunity to work alongside the people of Uganda, whether it’s building, teaching, farming or some other life sustaining project, their perception on the realities of life will take on a whole different perspective.

This ministry was birthed through the tragic death of our son, Sean, on July 30, 2007. Sean’s friends played a very important role in his life. No matter what he was personally going through, helping his friends was always of high importance for Sean. Bringing this ministry full circle to include our sons from home (America) will ensure that we can keep a light on the memory of all our sons whose battle is over, and on the faces of all those who are still in there fighting, who still have hope.

For more information, or to see if you son is a candidate for our individualized program, please reach out to our U.S. Director of Operations, Dacia Mitchell at or by phone at (813) 310-3295.