Little Lights

Let us introduce to you One City Ministries' Little Lights Program!

One City Ministries ‘Little Lights’ program doesn’t just treat symptoms…we tackle the root causes of poverty that leave children vulnerable. We tear down the barriers that prevent children from reaching their God-given potential!

 Why a Child Partnership? (Ambassador)

  • You have the opportunity to lift and empower communities by funding sustainable, community-led projects including health & hygiene programs, medical clinics, safe water, agricultural training, education, and more!
  • You have the opportunity to empower children – through our hands-on enrichment programs faith-based development programs, and recreational activities, children grow self-confidence, interact with other children and adults, have an opportunity to enjoy a library and broaden their horizon! Young girls learn that they have the right to be valued as much as boys and all children have opportunities to develop and discover their full potential, eventually releasing them from the poverty that has trapped their families for generations! That’s a hallelujah!
  • You participate in making certain education is a Priority - provides support for community educational projects which build on and extend their school lessons; educates young people as to their rights…motivates and encourages children to pursue their dreams for a better life!
  • You are part of bridging cultures across the globe - despite the distance, as we form bonds with one another we find that we aren’t so different after all! This is an especially wonderful way to put life in perspective, to enlighten our children stateside to another way of life, and inspire them to be compassionate, kind-hearted, giving and grateful citizens! They probably can’t imagine living in a home that doesn’t have water, or lights or a bed! Or a school that doesn’t have desks or books…what about no floor or bathroom?

Through monthly investment, your prayers and letter writing, Little Light partners invest directly into the lives of children living in extreme poverty.