Lukhonge Village

Little Lights

About Lukhonge Village

Nambwa Parish, Lukhonge Subcounty, Mbale District

The staple foods include Matooke (steamed bananas), Sweet Potatoes, Cassava, Posho (Made from Maize flour) & Millet Bread

Food security predominantly depends on the season; From approximately mid-June to early January (weather permitting) most people can arrange 3 meals (one might be tea) because it is the period of harvest. From January through late March people resort to 2 meals, typically porridge in the morning and a late evening meal to hold them through the night. April through early June is the highly challenging period with families having a single meal in a day, and oftentimes one meal every other day.

Water sources include 2 unprotected springs, one protected spring, one nearby borehole. Three homes have been connected into the national grid (sporadic, but clean!)

Khakakho Village has 2 legally connected households/businesses to power. Lines are poorly placed making it too costly for other residents to connect.

Folks in this village are a big mix of people from a number of different places with different cultures making it similar to an immigrant village.

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