There are many ways to partner with One City Ministries and be the voice for the people of Uganda wherever you are!  Our work is only possible through people who believe in the mission God called us to over a decade ago! We could not do it without our village of supporters… See below for just a few ways YOU can be the difference with One City Ministries

Become a monthly partner! Our monthly partners are our lifeblood, we could do nothing without them! For more information on partnering with One City Ministries click HERE

  • Come visit us and truly catch the vision of Light Village! Info on trips can be found HERE!
  • Host an Africa TrAID party with your friends and family and sell these beautiful pieces of art!
  • Ask your church to support us as monthly partners!
  • Shop on AmazonSmile a portion of every purchase goes right back to One City Ministries!
  • Shop Africa TrAID for Christmas or Birthdays!
  • Are you a business owner with a shop?  Africa TrAID is the perfect setup to display and sell in your workplace!
  • Suggest your church take a mission trip to Light Village!
  • Is your company looking for social sustainability partners?  One City is the perfect match for corporate charitable giving!
  • SHARE us with your friends and family! Social media is a powerful tool and awareness of who we are and what we do goes a long way!
  • Purchase a WaterCart and Agricultural training for women in Uganda!
  • Celebrate your birthday by creating a Birthday Fundraiser for One City on Facebook!
  • Contact us about becoming a sponsor for our next fundraising event!
  • Let us know about social sustainability, economic development, water initiative and medical initiative grants we could pursue!

We love suggestions of ways to get people to fall in love with the people of Uganda.  Please email us at for any ways you think we could make a bigger impact!