Become a One City Ambassador. Changing our troubled world will take the voice and hands of many — will you join us?

Feel called to help in the mission field but can’t move to Africa? Here’s a great way to be involved in your own community! One of our main missions at One City Ministries is one of awareness and advocacy. We are looking for dedicated individuals with a heart and a passion to serve the Lord through their service to the impoverished, the oppressed, the hungry, the naked, the infirmed, the imprisoned, the lost and the forgotten people of our “global community”. We need your help to “Keep the Light On” their plight to expose the areas of critical need in our world. Through your efforts you can help bring an end to the poverty that exists in our world and change the global economic landscape forever.

We need:

Student Ambassadors to work within their schools and universities

Church Ambassadors to work within their church and small groups

Community Ambassadors to work within their community

In each respective role above the key functions will be:

Personal awareness

  • Familiarize yourself with our ministry, our Mission Statement, our Statement of Faith and our programs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the issues we are addressing and become knowledgeable of our strategies.


  • Get involved and connected with as many “spheres of influences” that you have can and avail yourself the opportunity to spread the word.
  • Talk to anyone who will listen, you never know who has the ability to partner with you in your mission to get the word out. 3) Disseminate fryers and communicate with the media – keep people informed as to what we are doing and how we are progressing.

Yes, I do want to be an Ambassador for One City Ministries.

Please fill in your contact information below – we will be in touch shortly. Thank you very much!