Outreach Ministries

We know there are thousands of people who will never pass through the gates at Light Village. Whether they’re too sick or imprisoned or simply do not know we exist, we still want them to know the wealth of resources that are available to them in the area!

We make it a point to visit the prisons in Mbale several times a year and bring simple items like soap and toothpaste that would otherwise not be gifted to the prisoners. The men and women in these facilities are so full of faith that we are uplifted each and every time we visit! We are also continually looking at ways to introduce the prisoners to our Africa TrAID program as many of them have become skilled artists while in prison!

Home visits are a favorite throughout One City Ministries! Many people live so far in the bush that they seem nearly impossible to reach. We often hear of mothers who have so many children and no father around to help care for them and we bring gifts and prayers letting them know we are there for them. We hear of grandparents who are taking care of orphaned grandchildren with little income to feed them and we offer encouragement that because of them, the children have a future. If the opportunity arises, we invite the young adult children and mothers to participate in the agricultural training to begin changing the course poverty has laid out for their household. We love to reach the people far away and our outreach ministries allow us to go far beyond our walls and do just that!