The Sean Gilbert Memorial Medical Center

In late 2018, One City Ministries embarked on a God-sized goal and began planning the construction of Phase I of The Sean Gilbert Memorial Medical Center! Named after our beloved son, who passed away in 2007, this Medical Center will be an epicenter for diagnosis, research, restoration, healing, education, and so much more for local Ugandans! As evidenced by the growing demand for our weekly medical clinics, the need for treatment in and around the Light Village continues to grow.

We broke ground on the Center in July 2019 and our progress is garnering much attention from local Ugandans and is slated to open in late 2020. The Center will transform the rural area around Mbale, Uganda because treatable diseases will truly be treatable and more serious illnesses will be proactively diagnosed and researched. One City’s goal is early detection, early diagnosis, education and healing!