LIGHT VILLAGE... Modeling a pathway to end poverty through individual empowerment... Thus creating sustainable independence!


The story of Light Village is one of HOPE.  How we were led to Uganda cannot  be overlooked, as it sets the pattern for everything we do and all the programs we offer.  We rely on God for EVERYTHING that happens through One City Ministries.  From the One City long-term vision to the life-changing programs we offer, we understand and acknowledge that all of the wisdom, knowledge and resources we have come from above.  The Light Village is located about 45 minutes outside of one of Uganda’s largest towns, Mbale.

While our 23 acre-compound was originally government-owned, Mike and Deb along with a group of local pastors journeyed to the top of a nearby mountain to pray for a location to host their ministry.  At the end of the group’s 40-day prayer session, the Ugandan government had agreed to GIVE One City the land where the Light Village operates today!