Holiday Gift Cards

Impactful gifts under the Christmas tree this Year


You can easily give a gift in honor of someone (or everyone!) on your Christmas list and we will send them a lovely personalized card that shares the impact of the gift!

Most of us probably have more ‘stuff’ than we could possibly ever need or even want…and we probably know some friends and family members that are the same…but still we want to give a gift, because it feels GREAT to give and blesses our hearts! How about choosing a gift that makes a difference and will help people long past the Christmas season?

One City Ministries is making it easy for you to give something special to your family and friends this year…AND give a gift that brings empowerment, hope and a future to people who need it most!

So Simple!

  1. Scroll down and fill out the form, choosing a symbolic gift and amount.
  2. Add a personal note if you wish and we will pop it in the mail to the fortunate recipient; or have it mailed directly to you to personally deliver!
  3. Your friend or loved one receives a unique and life-changing gift in his/her honor. You make a tax-deductible donation…and the gratification of giving a gift that keeps giving for years to come!

Your symbolic gift is a contribution that will be used on the ground in Uganda where it is needed most, helping to empower people and help families break free from the bondage of poverty.

Purchase A Card

Water is Life!

We work hard to prevent waterborne diseases through hygiene education and safe water sources. And beyond that, we strive to help women and girls who bear the responsibility of supplying water for their families through new innovations like our ‘OCM watercart’ which saves transport time and makes carting 100 pounds of water nearly effortless. You are investing in a healthier future!


Be Healthy!

Since 2018, OCM has reached more than 7000 at risk and vulnerable men, women and children in our weekly medical clinic. We have provided critical care as well as teaching fundamental health care and preventive health care education. Your gift means you are helping more people fulfill their hopes of a bright and healthy future. Integrating Health, Nutrition and Education programs in our clinics is key for a healthy future.


Emergency Relief

The devastation of the COVID-19 crisis continues putting the lives and futures of thousands of already vulnerable families at risk—quite often hitting those living in poverty harder than the disease itself. This has caused an even greater risk of hunger, malnutrition, violence, and neglect. And with overwhelmed health systems, they are more vulnerable to other preventable diseases. Counter to our DNA, OCM has been responding to this global health emergency with food, medical aid and relief. Your gift is supplying an entire household with a two-week food package of essentials like rice, maize flour, salt, beans, sugar, soap, and masks (based on a family of five). You are empowering kids and families hit hard by the effects of the global pandemic. Your generosity will help them recover, survive, and thrive.

Your gift provides the fuel that enables One City Ministries to battle poverty, hunger, disease, and malnutrition… lifts and empowers people through education, business skills development and “best practices” agricultural training. By purchasing a gift here for your friends and family, you are SAVING lives and putting many on a much better path.

  • Set your own amount! $25, $50, $100... the number is up to you. Thank you!